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A Checklist for Academic Essay Writing

academic essay writing guide

Academic essay writing can be written by following the guidelines of a basic essay writer. Still, a writer can miss out small but important points while writing and end up with small mistakes that ruin the essay. This article presents checklists to check various aspects when writing academic essays.

Academic essay writing checklist: Content

  1. Are all points relevant to the topic?
  2. Are all main points included?
  3. Does this answer the essay question?
  4. Has the research information gathered being critically analyzed?

Academic essay writing checklist: Organization

    1. Does the essay follow the recommended format?
    2. Does each main point start in a new paragraph?
    3. Does the introduction discuss the topic and purpose of the essay?
    4. Does the essay define all keywords?
    5. Does the conclusion summarize the main points and provide recommendations where applicable?

      Academic essay writing checklist: Coherence

      1. Are all the main points outlined in the introduction, discussed in the body and summarized in the conclusion?
      2. Are the paragraphs ordered in a systematic manner based on for example importance, priority, etc.?

      Academic essay writing checklist: Editing

        1. Did the writing pass through the spellchecker of the word processing program?
        2. Did the writing pass through the grammar checker?
        3. Did you read the essay aloud to check for the flow of writing?
        4. Did you let your writing remain for some time before beginning to edit it?
        5. Did you let someone else read through your writing before finalizing it?

          Academic essay writing checklist: Style and Tone

          1. Is the writing formal? This means ensuring that contractions such as "didn't" are not used and instead "did not" is used.
          2. Is the writing polite?
          3. Does it use academic language?

          Academic essay writing checklist: References

            1. Have you included all references?
            2. Have you used in-text citations wherever you have referred to someone else's work either in your own words or the authors?
            3. Does the reference and in-text citation follow the recommended style?

              Check through all the points to ensure that your essay meets the criteria for academic essay writing.

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