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Quick Techniques for Formatting an APA Research Paper

APA research paper guide

There are several writing styles and an important one commonly used for writing academic assignments is the APA research paper style. APA research papers which follow the APA citation style follow a specific format.

An APA research paper begins with the short title of the paper on the first page which is numbered with the last name of the student followed by the page number. The short title will be centre aligned while the date and name of the author or student will be aligned right. In the exact centre of the page, the student will insert important paper details like the full title, the full name of the student or author, the course name and number, the name of the instructor and the date.

The main text of the APA research paper will begin on the next page with the full title typed on the first line of the page, centre aligned. The title is bolded. The text follows on the next line, left aligned and indented to five spaces. The APA research paper must begin with an abstract, followed by an introduction and thesis statement which is the final sentence or sentences of the introduction.

The abstract is the first section of the main text of an APA research paper, which is a summation of the important points included in the research paper. The abstract is not very long is should be in the range of about 100 to 250 words. Following this, will be all the text sections of the APA research paper, placed under suitable headings and subheadings. The next subsequent sections of an APA research paper are the introduction the research problems, research methodology, discussion and conclusion.

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