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Importance of Writing an Essay to the Appropriate Length

essay length guide

If this is your first experience with writing essays, the question which is likely to trouble you the most is the essay length. You wonder what the ideal essay length is and how you can go about filling your pages to achieve the set number of words or pages.

For a start, do remember that writing an essay is not simply about completing the essay length, number of pages or words required by your professor. Rather than worrying about your essay length, you should choose a topic which interests you so that you feel the prescribed essay length is not suitable or enough to write all you have researched and want to write about your topic.

The essay length of a normal essay should ideally be about four to five pages in length, two hundred and fifty to two hundred seventy-five words on each page. The essay length is also determined by the font and size which should ideally be Times New Roman or Ariel 12 point. The essay length presentation will be ideal if your essay is double spaced all over.

There is actually no such thing as ideal essay length, which varies according to personal preferences and specification set by the college or university. However, even though the essay length may not be accurately prescribed in many cases, you should try and avoid getting too wordy in your essay and avoid writing pages and pages on information.

Restricting yourself to a minimum length is the ideal choice since you will be able to write more in the set number of pages and will be able to filter out unnecessary information from your essay. Finally, remember that it is not the essay length which will gain you marks; it is the content, references and your presentation which will earn you good grades.

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