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Need Help with Writing an MLA Research Paper? Learn Quickly!

sample MLA research paper guide

The MLA citation style is among the most common writing styles and as a student you may be assigned the task of writing an MLA research paper. In order to ensure that your assignment is perfectly written, you should refer to a sample MLA research paper, which will give you an exact idea of how to write and format your paper.

By reading the sample MLA research paper, you will learn the technique and style for formatting a research paper in MLA style. Sample MLA research paper can easily be found in your college library or on the internet. Here are some common features of a sample MLA research paper:

  1. Title Page – The title page of a sample MLA research paper will look like this –
  • Author’s Name
  • Instructor’s Name
  • Title of Course
  • Date   
  1. The Paper will have a page header with the last name of the author and the page number (Brown, 1).
  2. A sample MLA research paper will ideally be written using 12 point Ariel or Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins set on all sides.
  3. The first paragraph of each line will be indented about half an inch. 
  4. In-text citations of a sample MLA research paper will include the last name of the author followed by the page number (Smith, 56) unlike an APA paper which lists the last name of the author and the date of publication (Smith, 2005). 
  5. All in-text citations used in the body of a sample MLA research paper sample will be listed on the last page under the Bibliography or Works Cited list and not as References, which is the heading used for listing sources of an APA style research paper.
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