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Specific Classification: Different Types of Report Writing

types of report writing guide

Writing reports, students should be aware of the types of report writing that exist. Types of report writing are numerous and to help students differentiate between them, the following classification is going to be presented.

Types of report writing

  • The Incident Report is one of the types of report writing that describes the situation on how a student is close to finishing the planned work.
  • The Accident Report describes some differences that appear while doing the planned work. Students should describe those difficulties here.  
  • The Sales Report is a report that shows what has happened in the organization and discusses the conclusions of the work.
  • The Progress Report evaluates the changes and lights on the information on the reasons of these changes occurrence.
  • The Feasibility Study / Report is one of the types of report writing that shows the results of the work/project.
  • The Recommendation Report accomplishes some recommendations to specific situations, events and plans. 
  • The Site Report is one of the types of report writing that gives an understanding of what the company should do. This type of report is a sort of recommendations and plans the company comprises.
  • The last of the types of report writing is the Case Study. Is describes the case, lights on some analysis and gives conclusions about the affair.

Moreover, there are some other types of report writing, such as Research Report Writing, Business Report Writing, and Science Report Writing.

The necessity to know the types of report writing is dictated by their specific differences. It is easier to create a qualitative and successful report when the types of report writing are considered.

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