What is academic writing? Who can provide quality academic writing?

These are two really essential questions. And it is very important to realize the importance of academic writing and know how to prepare quality papers.

1.What is academic writing?

Academic writing can be of different types. It can take the form of a case study, review, term paper, research paper, technical report, lab report, literature review, etc. In a word, academic writing is virtually any assignment your teacher can come up with!

Academic writing is not an easy task. You have to go through at least three basic stages before you actually come up with a quality paper. These are pre-writing, writing, and revising stages.

You canโ€™t simply plunge into researching and writing. First, you have to understand the assignment you are dealing with, plan and organize your work, read and analyze material, outline, and only then start the process of academic writing.

2.Who can provide quality academic writing?

I-TermPaper.com! We are the company that can and does provide quality academic writing service you can always rely on!

Let us make a brief overview of the academic writing process at I-TermPaper.com

  • -We analyze the academic level and topic of your order. Our purpose is not simply to gather facts, but to develop and show understanding, reasoning, and analytical skills.
  • -We gather sources, carefully citing all the information to be used. Thoughtful analysis and study begins at this stage of academic writing.
  • -We plan and organize. Then we come up with a well-thought-out plan. This is especially important, since a well-developed plan can save much time on further reorganization (after the first draft is ready).
  • -We start drafting. This is an important part of academic writing. It is almost impossible to prepare a quality paper after completing the first draft. It should be redrafted, reorganized, etc.
  • -We revise. After several drafts are revised, we move on to the next stage of the academic writing process: we consider the coherence and unity of the text, paying attention to transitional words and phrases, connecting ideas, etc.
  • -We scan for plagiarism. Plagiarism issue is out of question with I-TermPaper.com. We provide a FREE plagiarism report along with every paper you order with us!
  • -We proofread and edit. Our qualified editors proofread the final paper. They will make sure your paper is grammatically, lexically, and stylistically correct!

In other words โ€“ I-TermPaper.com employs qualified experts and editors who are able to consider all of your instructions + use their writing experience to provide a top quality paper!

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