Dream House Essay: Get Inspired and Use Your Imagination

Dream House Essay: Get Inspired and Use Your Imagination

What can be more amazing than writing about own dreams? You will definitely enjoy working on this assignment: dreaming about own house is so great. In turn, we have prepared some hints on your successful dream house essay writing.

Dream House Essay: Writing Tips

A dream house essay is a descriptive essay; thus, you can apply all peculiarities of writing descriptive essays when working on your dream house essay:

  1. The more details you provide in your paper, the more a reader will enjoy it
  2. When talking about things you would have in your house, describe different aspects: shape, color, texture, flavor, style, size etc.
  3. Add your emotions. Do not just describe things, but also try to show what you feel about them.

For example, compare these to excerpts from dream house essays:

  1. The walls of my dream bedroom are covered with light blue wallpapers, because I like this color.
  2. I dream about a cozy room with light green walls. This fresh color helps my eyes to relax, and I feel appeased and happy when looking at it.

Both dream house essay excerpts are devoted to a similar issue. However, the second one provides a reader with details and helps to feel the same what a writer feels, which is very valuable in writing a dream house essay.

Dream House Essay: Getting Inspired

Well, but what if you still hesitate how your dream house looks like, or cannot imagine details about it? There are some ways to get inspired before your dream house essay writing:

  • Look at pictures of beautiful houses in journals and on the magazines. You will see how original and amazing they can be.
  • Read sample dream house essays. It may happen that another writer’s ideas will inspire you to produce your own ones.
  • Brainstorm. Feel free to turn your imagination on. Maybe, you want a swimming pool in the middle of your bedroom? Or you want to live on the top of the mountain? Fantasy has no borders, and this makes dream house essay writing so fascinating.
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