Psychology Research Paper Topics

Psychology Research Paper Topics

Are you dissatisfied with the list of Psychology research paper topics your supervisor offered? Do you want more catchy and creative ideas for your paper? Look through the list of Psychology research paper topics below and make use of them.

Psychology Research Paper Topics: Cognitive Psychology

  • Investigating Levels of Processing Using Images;
  • Interrelation between Stress and Illness;
  • Investigating how Emotional Factors Influence Forgetting;
  • Psychopathology and Theories;
  • Eyewitness Testimony and the Effects of Leading Questions;
  • Prevention of Forgetting;
  • Atkinson and Shriffrin’s Multi-Store Model of Memory.

Psychology Research Paper Topics: Developmental Psychology

  1. Relationship between Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behavior;
  2. Schizophrenia: The Living Nightmare;
  3. Effect of Temperament on Attachment;
  4. Education of Children with Special Education Needs;
  5. Theories of Human Development – Stages of Development.

Psychology Research Paper Topics: Physiological Psychology

  • Anorexia Nervosa;
  • Evolutionary Explanations of Anxiety Disorders;
  • Biological Theories of Dream;
  • Psychological Origins of Depression;
  • Stress Stating Signs, Its Symptoms and Causes;
  • Depression – Gender Differences.

Psychology Research Paper Topics: Social Psychology

  • Methods of Prejudice Reduction;
  • Mental Disorders;
  • Social Interaction;
  • Cognitive Explanation of Criminal Behavior;
  • Usefulness of Participant Observation as a Sociological Method;
  • Attraction and Formation of Relationships.

Psychology Research Paper Topics: The Psychology of Individual Differences

  1. The Role of Individual Differences in Stress;
  2. Abnormalities and Its Treatment;
  3. Behavioral Therapies as an Effective Treatments of Mental Disorders;
  4. Behavioral Study of Obedience – Stanley Milgram.

Once you choose one of the Psychology research paper topics offered, do not hurry up to conduct research. First, make sure there are enough available sources to cover this topic. Do not forget to ask your tutor for approval.

You can also ask students studying Psychology to suggest you more Psychology research paper topics. Use forums for this purpose. Read tips for writing a Psychology research paper here.
You can also find research paper instructions on the blog of our site.

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