Research Papers on Movies

Research Papers on Movies

Writing about movies… What can be more interesting and exciting for students? You are lucky if you have an assignment to prepare papers on movies!

First, you may pick out any film to consider in your movie research paper. Second, you have a chance to go to the cinema and do not look for excuses why you are not doing your homework.

However, sometimes students face one difficulty while writing papers on movies – picking out a topic. There are many interesting pieces of cinematography, and it becomes very difficult to make up your mind at once!

If you are looking for some help with choosing a topic for your movie research paper, this article may be a good guide for you.

Research papers on movies: idea #1

You may write about filmmaking in your movie research paper. Have you ever dreamt to find yourself on the set of your favorite movie? You have a good opportunity, at least, to investigate how films are made. Pay attention to the following movie list to examine:

  • The Exorcist (if you are fond of horrors);
  • Titanic (for the admires of disaster movies);
  • The Godfather (if you prefer films about gangsters).

Research papers on movies: idea #2

It may be a review of a film. Below there are several suggestions for you:

  • The Shawshank Redemption;
  • Schindler’s List;
  • Star Wars;
  • Crash.

We want to pay your attention to the last movie – Crash. This drama takes an important place in the list of the best movies of all times. It won three Oscars in 2005. You may create wonderful papers on the movie Crash and get an A+ easily! So, we advise you to buy a CD/DVD disk and popcorn to start your preparations for writing papers on the movie Crash!

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