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To eliminate all the myths about custom term papers, we decided to tell how your term paper and research paper are being written. So that no one can tell we are reselling papers and earning money on plagiarism.

Our Custom Term Paper Writing Process:

  1. Every order is given to a writer specializing in a concrete field of study, topic, and genre.
  2. Once done, the writer looks through your personal guidelines and the list of sources needed for a custom term paper.
  3. Good custom term papers are not limited only by the theoretical materials provided by a customer. Writers usually offer something that can make the text better, deeper, and will positively affect the final grade.
  4. Then the writer outlines the custom term paper. All the necessary arguments are evenly distributed through writing.
  5. The first draft of the custom term paper is what follows the outline. To see how the arguments fit together, how they interact with the text, and how the main idea is presented, the writer has to come up with the first draft of the custom term paper.
  6. Depending on the first draft, the writer decides whether the second one is needed. After that, the custom term paper is edited and proofread. As we employ experienced professionals, editing is done thoroughly. Everything – from a thesis statement to a conclusion, from the first comma till the last dot is carefully checked.
  7. The final version of the custom term paper is scanned for plagiarism. At this point the company controls the work of its employee. We value our reputation of a reliable service and do not want any mistakes or misunderstandings to crawl into our custom term papers.
  8. We send you the custom term paper – on time, with a FREE plagiarism report. And we believe you will want to come back for more quality custom writing.

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