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    Need help creating a clear and concise summary for your research paper? Take the 3 steps below to get a perfect result!

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    Our Summary of Research Paper Generator can assist you in organizing your thoughts and creating a well-structured summary.

    βš™οΈ How to Use Our Summary of Research Paper Generator

    Follow these simple steps to generate a summary for your research paper:

    1. Copy your research paper text (≀15,000 characters).
    2. Paste the text into the summary generator.
    3. Select the number of sentences you want in your summary.
    4. Click the button, and your resume will be generated instantly!

    πŸ€“ What Is a Research Paper Summary?

    The research summary briefly and concisely explains the research paper's findings. It demonstrates the writer's knowledge and introduces the paper's overall structure. The summary should be objective and provide an overview of the subject, methodology, and conclusions without any analysis or criticism.

    Research Paper Summary Vs. Abstract

    The research summary and abstract are two parts of a research paper that often get mixed up. Even though both sections give a brief overview of the work, they serve different purposes. A summary is written at the end of the document and highlights the main findings and conclusions. Conversely, the abstract appears at the beginning, describes the topic or hypothesis, provides context on why the research was conducted, and highlights the key results.

    πŸ“ How to Write a Research Paper Summary – Guide

    The primary purpose of the research paper summary is to give the reader a clear and concise overview of the paper. Wonder how to do it? Our guide to writing the perfect summary is here to help! These steps are also relevant when doing a summary of a research paper online for free!

    Step 1 – Determine Your Focus

    To create a good research summary, you must first determine its purpose. After that, you can focus on the structure. Keep in mind that a well-structured resume needs to include 4 main components:

    1. Introduction. This section defines the topic, states the current state of research, and discusses its practical relevance.
    2. Methods. This section outlines the methods used for collecting and analyzing data.
    3. Results. This section provides evidence, including primary analysis, conclusions, and interpretations.
    4. Discussion/conclusion. This section describes the solution to the problem, addresses the study's limitations, and provides an inference.

    Step 2 – (Re-)Read the Article

    It's best to read your research paper several times to ensure you understand its main ideas. The reading process can be divided into three steps:

    1. Scan the paper to become familiar with the fundamental concepts and methods.
    2. Carefully read the paper, underlining essential details and creating a list of topics to cover in your summary.
    3. Skim the paper again to gather knowledge on data, statistical analysis, and applications in various contexts.

    Step 3 – Take Notes & Organize Your Thoughts

    When reading the article, taking notes on the main elements can help draft your summary. It will not only aid in structuring but also save time. Organizing the information and your thoughts is essential. Spend some time writing down the most significant points to include in your summary, then create an outline.

    Step 4 – Write the Summary

    After organizing your thoughts and creating an outline, you can work on the summary. Start with the research thesis statement and briefly describe the key points from the paper. When writing the research summary, use your own words to avoid plagiarism. You must also ensure that your writing style is accurate, evidence-based, and impersonal. Pay close attention to the word limitβ€”the summary should be shorter than the original paper.

    Step 5 – Proofread and Edit

    Make sure to double-check your research paper summary. It's essential to proofread and edit your work to avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Seeking feedback from friends or colleagues can also be a good idea. When you feel confident in your final draft, ask others to read it and see if they can comprehend the material without reading the original paper. Taking extra time to revise and refine your work will result in a more effective and polished research summary.

    βœ… Research Paper Summary Dos and Don'ts

    Here we've prepared a mini checklist of dos and don'ts so that you can avoid some common mistakes!


    • Use an objective, impersonal tone in your summary.
    • Pay attention to the word limit.
    • Write in your own words and avoid plagiarism.
    • Proofread your final draft carefully and attentively.

    Do not:

    • Use the same sentence or phrases from your research paper.
    • Add new information that was not mentioned in the research paper.
    • Overuse technical or professional jargon.
    • Skip the proofreading and editing.

    ⭐ Why Use Our Summary of Research Paper Generator?

    This automated research paper generator can help you summarize any academic paper quickly. It has many benefits:

    • The tool is free of charge.
    • The tool can generate an unlimited number of summaries.
    • The tool is super easy to use. You just need to copy & paste the text into the generator, and it will do the rest for you.
    • The tool is fast and accurate. It can save you lots of time and effort.
    • The tool allows you to choose the number of sentences for the summary.

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