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Depending on the level of complexity, research papers may cause different problems. For the beginners, the hardest part is to realize how to fit research into a certain structure. People, realizing that research can become their term paper assignment, struggle with making a decent summary. Advanced students are more concerned about the message their research carries, and about the set of argumentations and facts.

With customized research papers, all the wishes and concerns are included. We realize that the most important thing in a customized research paper is to combine the structure and content skillfully. Here is how we do it:

  1. Abstract of a customized research paper briefly states the key points of writing.
  2. Introduction. We state the research question, hypothesis, lead into the topic and set the tone of a customized research paper.
  3. Literature review. This is an important part of the assignment telling the readers what kind of theoretical base has been processed and how deeply an author is into research.
  4. Methods/Methodology. Here we state all the additional materials, equipment, and specific approaches used in customized research papers. We stick to the rule of giving a step-by-step guide and focus on important details.
  5. Results. This section of a customized research paper is dedicated to the outcomes of research. We focus on the positive outcomes stated as goals, but also tell about something that did not work out but was an important part of research.
  6. Conclusion. This part of customized research papers is of great importance. We draw the line, and wrap up research with a smooth and logical summary.
  7. Appendices. All the necessary graphs, charts, additional materials can be found in this part of a customized research paper.
  8. References. Realizing how important a list of references is, we do it with care and attention and according to the specific style of research.

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