Acceptance of Queer (LGBT) Community in Ireland

For many years, non-traditional orientation has been one of the most acute in the world. This topic affects such aspects of people’s lives as political, social and cultural, playing a great role in shaping public opinion. Despite. that this phenomenon has been around for a long time, it has always been criticized and negatively treated. However, starting from the twentieth century, the situation began to change slowly. This research paper examines the phenomenon of the LGBT community in a country like Ireland. It can be noted that on the basis of its socio-sexual experience, the state has made a significant breakthrough in this aspect. Thus, various LGBT movements have become widespread and many helpful sources on this topic have appeared. Thus, a deeper study of the problem of non-traditional orientation is valuable for the formation of strategies for the dissemination of awareness and its acceptance in society.

Acceptance of LGBT

First of all, it is important to note that for many centuries heterosexuality has been accepted as the only kind of relationship between the sexes. Entering into a romantic and sexual relationship of people of the same gender was considered unnatural and strongly condemned. However, with the passage of time, the situation has changed in favor of representatives of the LGBT community. Thus, the reformation of the traditional concept of sexuality is taking place, affecting the whole society. Ireland, in this context, is no different from other countries.

Thus, a positive trend can be traced in the fact that from the minority, representatives of non-traditional relationships and sexual relations began to acquire the position of the majority. Thus, they gain more and more supporters, present various assistance programs. Moreover, they are actively fighting for their rights and freedoms, proving the position that orientation is not the defining determinant of a person’s value as a person. Despite the fact that thanks to these actions, the concept of tolerance is becoming increasingly widespread, the problem of bullying and intolerance is still quite common.


A useful organization for the LGBT community in Ireland is the “BeLonG To” organization. It also helps to create a safe environment for people with non-traditional orientation. Moreover, it is aimed at spreading the concepts of the value of diversity of identity and experience (Out Vision & Mission, 2021). To effectively change attitudes, the company conducts various educational programs. The main object is the young population, since it is with its help that a future without negative prejudices and stereotypes can be created.

In addition, the company’s policy brings significant benefits to it. So much for the success in spreading knowledge about the LGBT community. The organization promotes such aspects as human rights, social justice and solidarity towards everyone regardless of sexual orientation. These essential aspects are necessary for the modern society suffering from this problem. Looking into the difference they have made in the LGBT youth and compile comparison statistics. Statistical data also indicate a positive trend from the functioning of this organization.

Rainbow Muid

One of the initiatives supporting the LGBT community is “Rainbow Muid”. This organization is engaged in assisting people with non-traditional orientation who are seeking protection in Ireland (“Is Rainbow Muid, we are rainbow”, 2021, para. 1). This group is valuable because it provides a safe space for a free conversation on the topic of LGBT and the problems faced by its representatives. This aspect is of particular importance, since many sources prove that due to the negative attitude of peers and society, many of my LGBT accomplices resort to self-harm and other psychological problems.

Moreover, it should be noted that this organization cooperates with such state bodies as the Irish Refugee Council. This interaction is especially important, since this group is already under pressure from society. That is why “Rainbow Mood” is an assistant in reducing the harmful psychological consequences and other possible outcomes, such as physical harm by an individual. This support group emphasizes the need to provide comfort and a sense of security, which is of paramount importance.

Panti’s Noble Speech

The spread of awareness and acceptance of various forms of non-traditional orientation implies the presence of strong people who can direct public opinion in the right direction, One example of such people is Panti, whose oratory skills can be envied. The main strong side of the speaker’s speech is the involvement of the viewer by talking about their own experience. For example, in the speech “All the little things”, a heartwarming and devastating moment is Panti’s story that throughout her life she has never had the opportunity to express her feelings in the way that representatives of traditional orientation do (All the little things, 2016). Such a rejection helps to increase attention and empathy on the part of people and makes them listen to opinions.

When listening to this speech, empathy and empathy for the speaker is born in the viewer. Such an aspect as social prejudice has an extremely negative impact on LGBT people. Moreover, everyday actions, which would seem insignificant, become a way of inciting conflict. In addition, the victimization of LGBT representatives and the translation of their forms of romantic acts as a political threat to society is also noted. Thus, the speaker also notes the cessation of negative attitudes and the reduction of inequality in relation to the LGBT community and representatives of traditional orientation.

LGBT Life in Rural Ireland

A particular problem for the LGBT community seems to be the lack of resources to acquire information. Thus, the article “LGBT life in rural Ireland” raises this topic and the impact it can have on an individual. Hence, the issue of identity formation can be quite difficult for any person, but it is especially complicated in the rural areas of Ireland. In such cases, opinions are divided into those when people decide to stay and transform the environment to accept LGBT people and help others, and those when individuals are just waiting for the opportunity to leave for big cities, where they can be met with greater acceptance and friendly attitude.

Spreading awareness in the rural areas is critical to improving the situation. This is due to the fact that the population of such regions is characterized by a certain level of homophobia. However, this factor may not be applied in all cases. One of the respondents notes that “young people are now growing up in a country-and a county-that is tolerant and welcoming to them” (Kelleher, 2019, para. 16). Thus, it can be concluded that increasing awareness and education on the topic of LGBT can positively affect the dynamics of the development of this problem in rural areas of Ireland.

As already noted, there are many different sources on the topic of LGBT and issues that explain the rescheduling. In the video “LGBT Ireland” James O’Hagan talks about the problem of attitudes towards older representatives of these people. He is a representative of a company that includes several regional organizations that promote the idea that the concept of orientation has no age. This initiative is supported by representatives of non-traditional orientation and has its own hotline, where people can turn without fear of being convicted. They are also provided with all the necessary information that may be required on the topic of LGBT in Ireland.

The speaker sees the main problem as how the older representatives of this movement experience a completely different attitude than the younger ones. Thus, O’Hagan emphasizes that in modern society, the concept has been formed that certain features of a group are automatically prescribed for a certain age, although this is not true (LGBT Ireland, no date). That is why it is necessary to support not only the younger generation, but also the older ones, since they do not have the same source of help and a bladeless environment. That is why it is necessary to avoid stigmatization of LGBT people among adults and spread acceptance for everyone. The speaker sees solutions to these problems in advections for such people and working with policy makers to create more comfortable LGBT conditions for everyone.


Thus, it is necessary to find effective solutions to reduce prejudice against representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation. It is worth noting that Ireland has succeeded in this aspect and the situation of the LGBT community has improved significantly compared to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Thus, the country supports civil rights and initiates the establishment of various organizations for the necessary assistance to this category of people.

Actions to spread awareness on the topic of LGBT and the problems that may be associated with it should be aimed at improving the quality and level of satisfaction of people. Thus, LGBT community assistance organizations carry out an effective and efficient policy to create a safe environment and provide all the necessary information on the topic under study. (Chauhan and Shukla, 2016, 146). Moreover, due to the fact that there is active harassment of non-traditional orientation, it is important to create programs to prevent psychological and physiological traumas of homosexual children.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the young, but also to the older ones. This is due to the fact that this group of the population is most vulnerable to the occurrence of harmful consequences due to the radically different attitude of society towards them. Policies to encourage the coming out process can also significantly reduce problematic situations. To do this, educational programs, listening to the speeches of various LGBT speakers or studying articles on the topic can be involved. Of particular importance is also the close environment of people who are subject to misunderstandings from society. Moreover, the dissemination of information about LGBT people and the involvement of public issues can be achieved through various means of propaganda, such as advertising, friendly rallies. Thus, in modern society, interest in this topic is characterized by increased. This contributes to the introduction of more and more groups and organizations to improve the situation in Ireland.

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