Gym Project Management and Resource Plan

The project, which entails converting a warehouse into a fully functioning gym and fitness facility, also depends on the appropriate resource plan adopted by the project management team. An appropriate resource plan will enable effective resource acquisition and allocation during the different stages of the project. Another reason for putting up an appropriate resource plan for the project is to ensure that all management and control processes related to the acquired resources are implemented as per the requirements of the project plan (Fogarassy et al., 2017). The human resources in a project should be effectively developed and managed while the material resources are controlled to ensure effectiveness in all the processes aimed at achieving the project’s objectives.

Some of the measures that we adhered to when formulating the project’s resource plan to enhance productivity from the major factors in the project management plan, which include the materials and labor required for the success of the project include:


Labor makes up one of the most important aspects of project management, which facilitates the project’s success because it greatly impacts the physical aspect of the project. Success in the progress of the project depends on the productivity of the personnel allocated to perform different tasks during the process. The project settled on contracting the best and highly reputable teams in the construction industry to perform all the construction works, such as designing processes and technical requirements for the project, such as electricity modifications and plumbing in the facility.

The resource plan has also put in place measures that help in ensuring that the needs of all the contracted experts to conduct different tasks during the project are effectively met. Providing the human resource with an appropriate environment for work by providing them with protective gear and safety measures such as fire extinguishers will motivate the experts, leading to increased productivity from the human resources, which will bring about success in the project.


The resource plan adopted for the completion of the project also aimed to ensure that the material resources required for the project are readily available to ensure a steady flow of activities within the project to meet the project’s set date of completion as highlighted in the project’s milestone. The plan adapted also ensures that the resources available for the project are easily accessible to the experts contracted to perform different tasks. The resource plan also ensured effective utilization of resources during the project by reducing manufacturing or operational wastes.


Equipment is the tool required to effectively conduct different processes in the project. The resource plan provides for measures that will ensure the availability of all the equipment required to complete the project successfully. The steps taken include hiring different types of machines and subcontracting other companies to help perform different tasks or leasing their equipment for a given period of time. The equipment rented is majorly used in different processes to make work easier. The plan also ensured the provision of technological equipment such as application software required to design different structures during the renovation.

Resource acquisition

The project requires different experts to make it a success because of the variety of tasks involved in the renovation process. We ensured an appropriate contractor selection process that made it easier and efficient to hire cost-effective subcontractors to work on the project.


Fogarassy, C., Szabo, K., & Poor, J. (2017). Critical issues of human resource planning, performance evaluation and long-term development on the central region and non-central areas. International Journal of Engineering Business Management, 9, 184797901668533. Web.

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