Integrated Marketing Communications Mix


Using a variety of tactics that complement and support each other, integrated marketing communications (IMC) promotes a theme. Since combining conventional and modern marketing ensures that interactions encompass the finest of both domains and attract all pertinent audiences, integrated marketing methods have shown to be effective (Ang, 2018). When information is transmitted without interruption and is as clear as possible, communication is seen to be at its most successful state.


Any type of compensated nonpersonal communication regarding a company, cause, item, service, or concept defined by a sponsor is considered an advertisement. As the term paid is used, it refers to the time or space allotted for the distribution of an advertisement to the public (Epure & Mihăeş, 2019). The nonpersonal element entails simultaneously communicating the idea to a greater audience. Advertising is a useful tool to give customers all the information they need, keep them informed, and shape their opinions. It can be utilized to develop positive, distinctive associations and imagery for a brand (Epure & Mihăeş, 2019). This makes the brand functionally distinct from those of its rivals. It’s one of the ways that great brands can truly live up to their potential.


The practice of utilizing the Internet and other relevant digital technologies to further marketing goals is known as internet marketing. Users can alter the structure of the information they get in real-time thanks to interactive media, which allows data to flow back and forth (Abdul Lasi & Mohamed Salim, 2020). The Internet is a versatile marketing platform, and its participatory character makes use of it to its fullest potential (Abdul Lasi & Mohamed Salim, 2020). The online world truly serves as the means via which all other components of IMC are carried out.

Publicity/Public Relations

The term public relations refers to the evaluation of public perceptions, the identification of corporate policies and practices that are in the interests of the general, and the implementation of a plan of operation to increase public awareness and approval of the brand. It is a two-way interaction that can track comments and modify its content to offer the greatest value (Pulido et al., 2019). It employs marketing strategies including press releases, money raising, community involvement, and financing of special occasions to improve the perception of its brand. It is a potent way to communicate that replaces the roles of traditional marketing and promotion (Pulido et al., 2019). Publicity is a frequently employed tool in this context, utilizing the company’s news significance to spread information to the mainstream media.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a type of online marketing that makes use of the strength of well-known social networking sites to meet ones branding and marketing objectives. These venues assist businesses in engaging with people and capturing their interest. However, it goes beyond simply setting up company profiles and updating whenever one feels like it. Managing and improving the profiles, setting quantifiable targets for one’s social media marketing efforts and posting content, such as images and videos that promotes the product and draws in the right audience are among the ways one can fully maximize on fully effecting this mode of marketing (Abdul Lasi & Mohamed Salim, 2020). Addressing remarks, shares, and likes while keeping an eye on the products reputation is key.


Despite having a reputation for being outdated, many people can attest to the usefulness of advertising in promoting a good or service. Ads cannot currently be delivered by marketers in the same manner as traditional radio and TV commercials (Epure & Mihăeş, 2019). There is a strong bias in favor of free posting on the internet when comparing it against paid advertising in the mainstream media, especially for new goods or services (Epure & Mihăeş, 2019). The latter, however, has a rather high cost to enable, which may be too pricey for many aspiring businesses.

One can boost sales with positive, unpaid media presence and improve the image of their product with good public relations. It would be suitable to take into consideration financing a charity event when exposure is not reasonable and one’s explicit goal is to enhance the public’s perception of their goods (Juska, 2021). While regularly publishing a newsletter that offers clients helpful content would be sufficient if one’s specific objective is to enhance sales through improved customer service and relations.

For companies of all sizes, internet marketing is an effective way to connect with prospects and clients. As social media is as a result of the existence of the internet, it would be okay to incorporate them together. On social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, consumers find, research, follow, and purchase from brands (Abdul Lasi & Mohamed Salim, 2020). Effective social media marketing can help one’s company achieve extraordinary success by generating loyal brand supporters, leads, and even purchases. Using their computers and phones, many customers and business personnel seek out information and interact with other individuals and enterprises.


Focusing on On running shoes, their main goal is to redefine the running experience with their many shoe designs. Since the running shoes are founded on the innovative notion of gentle landings and powerful takeoffs, it would be crucial to effectively communicate the product locally via TV and LED display boards. Merely speaking aloud of the running shoes intention to the public will not be as effective as wrapping it all around a dramatic short clip emphasizing on the perfect sensation gained from rocking them (Juska, 2021). What would attract even more customers would be having a renowned athlete rocking the shoes in the clip while having a vibrant display of colors in the background.

On the public relations segment, On running shoes, which originate from Switzerland, are integrated with technology in their international design. The company ought to hold special events especially while launching this product in foreign land as would help them secure more customers (Pulido et al., 2019). Since the goal of any business is to get recognition, On sponsoring elite athletes competing either in local or international athletic games would lure in more customers as promotion by the winning athletes will get many people wanting to be associated with victory.

At the peak of it all, internet marketing is where On should invest heavily in. Being the revolutionary age where the internet is essentially used in almost everything to facilitate good and easy living, On ought to educate people on wrongs done in the athletic field by writing up ways to rectify on their website (Abdul Lasi & Mohamed Salim, 2020). It can either be detailing a warm up exercise or advising on what energy-generating concoctions people need to ingest before or after running. This move would generate traffic on their site, hence promote their running shoes more. Since social media platforms are simply accessible on phones, these interactive channels would help On know what their customers think about their running shoes (Abdul Lasi & Mohamed Salim, 2020). Having bloggers and influencers pushing On running shoes on many platforms would boost the company towards gathering more customers.

Having the many achievements reached by On running shoe, such as being the world’s lightest running shoe, it enhances credibility and authenticity of the company and just as stated earlier, many people want to be associated with a prospering product, therefore the customer-base continues to soar higher. Since the market hold unlimited potential, the company being more innovative and eco-friendlier would indeed have the On running shoes being everyone’s first priority.


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