Little Red Riding Hood: Three Fairy Tales Differences

These three fairy tales about Little Red Riding Hood are very similar in plot. However, each author tried to add something different to the familiar story. I was most impressed by the fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. It was the longest and had more plot changes than the other stories, so the end was completely unexpected for me. For example, I was struck by the description of how the huntsman cut the wolf’s stomach, pulled out the grandmother and the girl, and shoved the stones into its belly. Moreover, I did not expect that a second wolf would appear in this story. I was surprised how grandmother outwitted and killed the wolf by drowning it in the water from the sausages.

Comparing all three fairy tales, I would like to note the difference in the plot and the choice of words. First, in each fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood carries different products to her grandmother. In the Brothers Grimm story, it is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. In the French fairy tale collected by Achille Millien, she carries a bottle of milk and hot bread. Moreover, in the Tales of Mother Goose, she took custard and a small pot of butter. The beast is also different in the versions of the fairy tale. It appears as a wolf, boy, and Gaffer Wolf. In the Brothers Grimm, Little Red Riding Hood collects flowers on the way to her grandmother. In the French interpretation, the wolf offers to eat meat (which turns out to be grandmother’s flesh) and drink wine (grandmother’s blood), plus there appears a cat who calls the girl “slut.” Furthermore, in the third version, the fairy tale ends with the fact that the wolf eats both grandma and Little Red Riding Hood. To conclude, the authors added specific elements that make their stories unique.

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