Terrorism Technology and Weapons of Mass Destruction


Weapons of mass destruction are manufactured with biological or chemical elements and are used in the modern terrorism as bioterrorism and they are currently evolving currently and are thought to evolve more in the future if the issue about their limitation in usage is not addressed due to the recent advancements in science and technology and globalization to the biotechnology industry (Roddaman.2007).

The practical solution

After some attacks in the past there have been efforts to address the potential effects of biotechnology especially in the weapons of mass destruction but the efforts have seemed not to bear fruits. The United States should offer strict commitment in fighting against the use of the weapons of mass destruction and reduce the possible attacks from its use. The weapons of mass destruction not only causes global threat but also a issue with domestic terrorism, though terrorism attacks with the bombs is the mostly used mode the biological weapons are increasingly gaining approach due tot modern advancements in technology. The use of biological weapons in any kind of attack causes many causalities and wide destruction of property and leave panic and fear among the people who are not able to understand who is at risk and what is the next thing to be done. The truth about the biological weapons is that there is no other weapon which is able to cause a threat to the United States no matter how catastrophic it his to the extend in which a biological weapon will cause (Paul, 1993). The biological weapons are simple to assemble as the information on how to prepare them is easily accessible in the internet and science literature sources and in the academic libraries, The weapons can be easily hidden in the research laboratories as well as pharmaceutical cites (Gavin, 1999). In the current technological world the knowledge and tools to make, assemble and supply the weapons of mass destruction to the potential buyers is easy (Roddaman.2007).

The current bioterrorism preparedness agents are only focused on the organisms which tend to cause a threat to the civilian populations and no one has been able to think of a possible toxin that could be used to cause loss of one United States human life through poisoning of food stuff or water which if happens it will cause the undermining of confidence the citizens have to government, the terrorists in future will not be relying on infectious agents hence the government should devise ways in which it will be able to use in order to be prepared in every side which seems to offer a potential terrorist attack through use of any weapon of mass destruction which is biologically assembled (Roddaman.2007).

The explosion of the building blocks of life and then recombinant DNA techniques offers a new power and a possible area of attack by the terrorist as it is leading to research in life sciences of constructive ways but ‘it also raises concern for potential side for attacks by terrorists. The government in the United States should consider limiting biological research which at some point may be used in destructive ways like promoting terrorism but encourage research which develops ideas for fighting terrorism (Gavin, 1999).

Today laboratory studies are been taken in the presence of every person which offers every one with the knowledge of what is been studied hence the government should step in place and ensure that every thing under study does not reach to the knowledge of the neighbors by working hand in hand with the science community and clearly issue biosafety and security rules. The government should increase resources towards the study of bioterror agents and the bioweapons to ensure that it is always prepared against any kind biological weapon attack (Paul, 1993).

The United States government should ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the scientists events as there is no an effective scientific approach which can be developed by one individual but it requires in cooperation of several scientists hence the government should provide guidelines for biosecurity and research monitoring so as to be in position to ensure no any kind of biological weapon is under test in the laboratories.

The developments in technology has caused the increase in the new weapons in terrorism and granting the terrorism groups the current threat they are posing to the United States although some of its causes find their base on the religion and ideological conflicts and power struggles the technology takes the grater percentage.(Gavin, 1999). Technology depicts the level of protectionism that the security agencies are able to provide hence the terrorism groups use the technology to know the kind of threat is to launch and avoid any kind of reaction whether under or over. Terrorism groups are able to give out their ideas and tactics worldwide by the use of technology hence they are able to instill fear among residents and nations. The present day bombers are trained in the cyber space and the global network which offers a stable base and stage for the terrorists due to invention of the technology, terrorists are using technology to spread destruction and fear against the United States. The terrorists we have in the current world not only use weapons of mass destruction but have moved a step further to use the mass media and cleaning chemical products used for domestic cleaning to launch their attacks in the united states (Roddaman.2007). The terrorism group’s attacks have proved to be unpredictable in the United States as they are taking people who have acquired their education in the United States as these new recruits have prior knowledge and rooted in the United States due to the advancement in technology.

In order for the united states to be in a place guard it self from such kind of threats from the terrorism groups it should ensure that all baggage’s leaving or entering the states via the airport are screened with x-ray screening as the aviation industry is the most likely target area and employ systems which are able to monitor the aircraft while in the space. The security bodies should have systems which are able to detect explosives even under low concentrations in order to ensure that no explosive will be launched in the United States. Though it is difficult to burn technology completely in the modern world due to it development from the human knowledge the government should not allow any kind of cyber or global network training to take place as this will be opening doors to the terrorist to launch their activities (Gavin, 1999). The government should be their to licence any thing that is aired through the mass media in order to cab the ability of the terrorists using the media to spread its threats and destruction. The United States government should ensure that it creates enough job opportunities to its citizens in order to ensure that the terrorism groups have no access to any one with deep rooted knowledge about the United States (Roddaman.2007).

The measures do not represent a different strategy from the levels of technology used by the terrorists as they are supposed to be in line with the kind of technology in use in order to offer the absolute and effective solution to the threat offered by the terrorists (Gavin, 1999).


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