The Active Retirement Nursing Home’s Services

Mission, Vision, Values of Nursing Home­­­­­­­­ Active Retirement

The mission of the nursing home under review lies in providing the elderly, whom it houses, with a maximal possible level of comfort and security, so that they do not feel their age. The view of the way in which this is possible to do involves smoothing age-related limitations, such as a lower activity that, in turn, results in improper satisfaction of needs. Consequently, organizational values include the priority of the residents’ health and comfort, mutual respect, and a proper balance of activity and rest.

Scope of Services

Active Retirement has been designed to be home to the elderly, which means a place where those spend the vast majority of their time. Therefore, it provides everything that its residents may need, specifically, dwelling, food, medical assistance, and various entertainment. The latter includes not solely TV, the Internet, music, movies, books, and periodicals. The organization postulates the critical importance of being active and having various hobbies to prevent brain degradation. Subsequently, there is a workshop for those who like handwork, a garden with the necessary tools for the fans of horticulture, a water body for fishing, a gym, and a swimming pool. In addition, the residents have the possibility to attend theaters and cinemas as well as go on excursions to the neighboring locations several times a year.


The nursing home is located in a quiet area near a small forest and a river. Parts of both are included in its territory, which allows for fresh air, a place to walk, and space for fishing. The closest towns are 20 and 40 miles away. The residents who are willing and physically able to visit can make bus excursions once a season in the company of staff members to prevent emergencies.

Geographic Service Areas

The geographic service area of Active Retirement consists of the territory that officially belongs to it.

Marketing Opportunities

Offering diverse food to the residents would be reasonable, specifically, dishes that are peculiar to different cultures as well as ethnic groups. First, this would add to the loyalty of the existing customers due to strengthening their perception of Active Retirement as an interesting place. Second, the probability of recommending the facility to others would grow as well for the same reason.

Value of Opportunity

It is worth noting that not only residents are the customers of nursing homes, but also their family members and medical professionals. Furthermore, only a third of the questionnaires that help to identify the needs of the target audience are filled by residents. Therefore, the opinions of the other categories apparently play the leading role. The surveys show that food, specifically its quality and variety, is among the main concerns; simply stated, people, worry about how well their relatives or patients will eat at the facility. A menu of simple and healthy dishes of various cuisines subsequently is a promising marketing decision.

Alignment With Organizational Objectives

As said above, the mission of Active Retirement is to care about the comfort as well as security of its residents. Meanwhile, uniform and unchanging nutrition threaten comfort by causing boredom, which, in turn, can catalyze the aging of the brain, hence reducing security. In addition, the vision of the organization involves smoothing the limitations that appear with age, among which may be the lack of possibility to travel

due to physical disabilities. Considering this, diverse food would doubtlessly be relevant, as it sparks interest and provides a chance to become acquainted with other cultures. It is critical, however, to ensure that all of the dishes are healthy, notably, not too spicy or fatty, and not containing allergens and others.

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