The Issues of Crime by the Use of Firearms


Gun control has continuously emerged as a heated topic among citizens especially when crimes committed using these firearms continue to increase. Many incidences of criminal activities have been reported and consequently, guns have been found to have been the weapons used in committing such crimes. Gun control laws have been found to contradict their mandate by abiding on the second amendment right which allows the ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens. Criminals on the other hand take advantage of this by using legally acquired firearms to commit heinous crimes. Is gun control taking out guns from the hands of criminals? The most effective way of controlling the use of firearms in crimes would be to take away firearms from the hands of criminals. It is the responsibility of the authorities to identify those criminals in possession of such firearms and apprehend them (Garland, 2002). Their role is to ensure that no firearms are used in an unlawful activity and case of such an incidence, severe measures should be taken for such people to ensure that law and order are maintained. Security measures should be put in place during the acquisition of such firearms so that the authorities have every detail of who owns a particular firearm and for what reasons they have it.

Variations and manipulations

Variations of this method may include. Using trackers in identifying or spotting the location of every firearm issued out to citizens (Deflem, 2006). This would help to monitor the whereabouts of such firearms and in case of theft by criminals, the authorities can easily locate where the firearms are before it is used for criminal activities.

Factors to be considered

How was the firearm acquired?

This will help determine whether the firearm was legally acquired and that the owner followed the right procedures in acquiring it.

Was the firearm registered?

This also determines whether the authorities are aware of the possession of the firearm by a particular individual purporting to own the gun. If the firearm is not registered then that would mean that it was not legally acquired.

What reasons does the owner have for owning the firearm?

There must be a legitimate reason for owning a firearm that gives one the right to own a firearm (Kornhauser,1978). The person interested in owning a firearm should be able to give a substantial and acceptable reason for wanting to own or own a firearm. This should be consequently followed up to ensure that there is enough proof that the reasons given are indeed legitimate. This will ensure that firearms are kept away from the hands of criminals.

Effects likely to occur in the implementation of this proposal

Criminals will easily be apprehended by use of the new trackers which will be put in place. Law enforcers have the authority to ask that everybody in possession of a firearm must also have the tracker (Hayward, 2004). Failure to which, one will be considered to illegally own the firearm. This will call for support and teamwork from all parties including; the police, the citizens, and other important parties. The study carried out earlier is aimed at bringing cohesion among these parties and at the same time relaying useful information that will go a long way in helping to deal with the issues of crime by the use of firearms.


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