Research Papers on Agriculture: Picking the Right Topic

Research Papers on Agriculture: Picking the Right Topic

What do we mean under the “right topic” for your research paper on agriculture? Actually, we mean something that you do understand. As far as we know, a few students are knowledgeable enough in all sorts of agricultural issues. That is why writing agriculture research papers might be quite challenging.

Yet, we are sure your teacher does not ask you to go deep into agricultural details. If you are not going to be a farmer, you may touch upon rather simple topics when writing your research paper on agriculture.

We are glad to present you several examples of how you can create a successful agriculture research paper.

Research papers on agriculture: example #1

Connect history and agriculture to make your paper strong and interesting to read. It can be something like “Effects of the Industrial Revolution on agriculture in Britain”. Or, you can simply make a general overview of agriculture in several well-developed countries. Tell about some common problems, tendencies, tools, and so on.

Research papers on agriculture: example # 2

Do not like history? Fine, your research paper on agriculture can be devoted to some present day issues. What about organic agriculture as the main idea of your project? Tell about some benefits and drawbacks of not using chemical fertilizers, growth hormones for animals, and genetically modified seeds.

Research papers on agriculture: example # 3

We also have a good suggestion for those who are into agriculture, have at least some background knowledge of the topic, and want to create really impressive research papers on agriculture.

You can write about agriculture in some countries with extreme weather conditions, for instance, in Ethiopia or in some parts of Russia.

In our next articles, you will find useful tips for writing waste water treatment papers and a global warming research paper.

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