Research Papers on Image Processing

Research Papers on Image Processing

Do you have to write a research paper on image processing? Then, welcome to our blog! In this article, you will find all necessary information about the process of writing papers on image processing. After you finish reading this article, you will be ready to create good research papers on image processing.

Image processing: definition

In order to write good research papers on image processing, you should know what this term actually means. Image processing is a form of signal processing for which the input is an image. Image processing can be used in photography as well as in video. So, you can start papers on image processing with this information.

Historical Background

In the middle of the XX century, image processing was done with the help of optical devices. Such data processing was mostly analogue. Since computers were invented and widely used later, a real need in digital image processing emerged. You can discuss the first digital image processing in research papers on image processing. What was it like? You can also explain why they were more convenient than analogues in your research papers on image processing.

Typical Operations of Image Processing

You may also investigate typical operations in research papers on image processing. When considering typical operations in your research paper on image processing, tell about:

  • Geometric transformations (enlargement, reduction, rotation, etc.);
  • Color corrections;
  • Extending the dynamic range by combining differently exposed images;
  • 2-D object recognition with affine invariance.

Applications of Image Processing

In what fields is image processing used? Is it a really significant discovery? Why? Discuss this in research papers on image processing. In this case, research papers on image processing should consider the following fields of application:

  • Medical image processing;
  • Microscope image processing;
  • Feature detection;
  • Morphological image processing;
  • Remote sensing, etc.

After you finish writing research papers on data processing, you will certainly need to create a reference list. So, our tips for making a research paper reference can help you.

Image processing can also be a good topic for consideration in evolution papers.

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