Amazon Company’s Information Technology During COVID-19

Amazon Core Business in Information Technology

Amazon industry is an enormous internet-founded initiative based in America, and its core business retails in computer technology is the Automated Commerce typically recognized as E-commerce. Trading in services or products is conducted through computer networks such as the internet. E-business allows the organization to link the external and internal process more successfully and proficiently, resulting in signs of progress in general business enactment. The Amazon E-commerce trade works diligently with associates and dealers hence sustaining the requirement and anticipation of clients.

The CEO of Amazon firm

Preston Jeffrey Bezos is a citizen from America internet businessperson, media proprietor, investor and industrialist. He is the CEO and initiator of the multi-national Amazon technology corporation. Jeff Bezos introduced the Amazon Company in 1995 with the idea of construction of a cybernetic errands habitation for book watchers (Stone, 2014). By then, delivery of books to 45 countries and 50 states took 30 days to reach its customers.

Customers to Amazon Firm

There are 310 million Amazon customers who transact nationwide, with 90 million Shoppers consuming an average of $1,300 each year on the network and 220 million quasi buyers purchasing an aggregate of $700 (Cartier, 2020). These Amazon’s clients are international and have developed to include millions of Content Creators, developers, and enterprises. Amazon also sells their goods unswervingly to clients via their website and to the third revelries across loads of groups of merchandises with the aid of computer science knowledge.

The Place Where Amazon Firm Carries Out its Business Activities and the State of the Business in Combination with the Countries It Conducts Business with

Amazon firm makes its trade in Seattle, Washington, located in America. The Amazon Company operates internationally online, serving 1.2 billion persons conferring to Website Builder Expert (Kadar, 2019). Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, which serves countries across the globe. It has market places dedicated to the United States, Ireland, France, the United Kingdom, Mexico, India, China, Japan, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Canada.

How Amazon Firm Use Information Technology

Amazon employees now labor in technologically-enabled sceneries, where expertise knowledge is rummage-sale to enhance procedures and support them in accomplishing their diurnal responsibilities. These roles include everything from the arbitrary store and preference over to box-sizing algorithms, which choose the unswerving, most real mobile direction between two points. Amazon Robotics has arrived in the United Kingdom, with new fulfillment centers in Dunstable and Doncaster. In 2016, Amazon Automation was propelled, and the technology was assisted by qualified concocts who were more than 50 and IT specialists.

Analysis of how the Amazon Stock Price Has Performed for the Last Five Years.

Computer information technology has made Amazon firm record positive change in the corporation’s stock value for the preceding five centuries. Demand for goods by customers all over the world was increasing rapidly, primarily due to online sale. The company stock prices rose after transacting in 2018, making the business amid the most treasured union in the biosphere, with marketplace limits of more than 1 trillion dollar bill.

Challenges Related to Information Technology in the Amazon Companies

Cyber Brand Carbon copy nonexistence is an IT-related challenge facing Amazon Company. This makes publicizing not to emphasize varieties established in the real world rather than E-commerce. Inadequate comprehensive cyber law is another problem the company faces in its attempt to expand its technology externally and internally. Cyber laws make the secrets Act official amendment and electronic transfer of funds complex. These challenges make the interconnection of computers in the Amazon job market challenges.

Benefits Related to Information Technology Enjoyed by the Amazon Firm

Amazon Company reveled in the benefit of the extended market to universal and nationwide market with negligible capital spending. The company easily located more customers, suitable partners and the best suppliers worldwide. The firm also enjoyed reducing the price of processing, creating, storing, distributing and recovering paper-based info. Furthermore, computer technology lowered the charge of telecommunication since the internet cost is low-priced compared to value-added webs.

How the Amazon Firm Navigate COVID-19

The firm could navigate COVID-19 after Amazon Web Services (AWS) propelled a new universal wit. Amazon dedicated 20 dollars to its clients at work on diagnostics resolutions for coronavirus given by the AWS in-kind acclaims and procedural sustenance (Bankar, 2018). Customers to Amazon were surprised at how the easier workflow was in the cloud, thus mounting the expanse of clients in the firm. This increased the amount of income in the firm, enabling it to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Job Posting in Amazon that Interests Me and the Thing that Interests Me in It

Software development engineer is the job posting vacancy in the company that interests me. The safeties I am Amazon Web Service (AWS), the recognized and pioneer leader in the cloud. Becoming a software engineer in the company, I will have an obligation to fulfill a high-level capability for configuring designers, hence subsidizing one of the central cloud supply administration and system acquiescence in the biosphere.

Additional Information on Amazon Firm on the Use of Information Technology

Analysis of internal and external information technology of Amazon firm reveals strategic weaknesses and competencies. The company uses big data to transform its operations internationally. The futures of the company depend on how best it manages and implements its computer information technology to all its customers worldwide. The development of the Amazon Go App aids in scanning barcode 2D, making it easy to connect its clients universally (Dutta, 2016).


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