Natural Rights in the US Constitution

The concept of people’s natural rights emerges on a number of occasions throughout the formation of the United States Constitution. These rights are crucial and cannot be removed by the public authority and protected under the constitution. The concept of natural rights includes all the rights given to human beings, which are provided simply for the sake of being human. This concept explains how every individual is born with God-gifted rights that cannot be taken away from them. For example, the right to own a property, have a family, practice a particular religion, or the right to liberty.

Every man is made equal in each community at large regardless of their background. According to Thomas Jefferson, all men can be made equivalent in two ways (Oddi, 2017). One would be that they are all political equals by nature. This indicates that no one has the right to control others because of their birth and no one has the right to be governed because of their birth. The other point is that human justice goes further the realm of politics fairness. In such an opinion, all humans are regarded as similar importance and essential in the sight of God, as everyone is equal in his eyes.

The First Constitutional Amendment shared an objective: safeguarding characteristic rights for all the native citizens. Some amendments supporting natural rights are the 14th Amendment which protects natural laws and natural rights, and the first Amendment which serves the natural law to protect human rights. The fourteenth Amendment serves a vital role in protecting the natural rights of American society. This Amendment offers citizenship to anybody born within the United States’ boundaries, with all the democratic government’s privileges. Section 1 of the same Amendment claims, “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This is an example of the constitution permitting citizens their natural rights. The Amendment presents our rights to life, liberty, and property, which all appear as natural rights.

The other Amendment that supports natural rights is the First Amendment. The rights that we are given in the First Amendment are claimed to be fundamental rights because they are associated with conscience, expression, and thought. Also, to tend to different religious beliefs within the United States, the Amendment has two religious clauses so citizens can follow their conscience in matters of faith and worship. The First Amendment also appeals to speech, press, petition, and protest rights, which are considered natural rights (Findlay, 2019). It censured oppression and pronounced that equity and equity were essential to securing God-gifted rights. Accepted that land could exist where individuals would lead themselves and rights were not allowed by the leniency of an almighty chief, yet instead by God himself.

In conclusion, the protection of our natural rights is one of the most important underlying principles of the US Constitution. The United States’ constitution includes rights amongst the amendments that protect our natural rights. These two amendments are significant and considered two of the most important in the US Constitution. The importance of these two amendments comes from their relation and benefit to a specific audience and group of people, but everyone is born as a human.


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