Personal Nursing Philosophy

Nursing can be considered one of the most vital practices and occupations in a country’s healthcare system. In many cases, the overall wellbeing of patients treated at hospitals depends on the competence and effectiveness of the nurses. Modern nursing students need to understand that despite being one of the most important practices, nursing can be extremely risky. In addition to working long hours, being a nurse require commitment and dedication, as well as emotional stability. Society is changing, which means that the roles of nurses will follow suit. A successful nurse will need a solid philosophy to guide his or her actions throughout their career. Such a philosophy should be built on the values and belief systems held by the individual. However, the practice itself has a set of rules, codes, and guidelines that also have to be observed. My philosophy, as discussed in detail in the following section, is that the overall wellbeing of the patients is the responsibility of nurses.

Nursing Philosophy

Philosophy can be described as a belief system held by an individual. Therefore, my personal philosophy of nursing is guided by a few beliefs I have regarding the practice. Most importantly, I believe that nursing is an opportunity for professionals to enhance the overall wellbeing of patients. Hospitals comprise patients suffering from different illnesses and conditions. Life for such people can be miserable despite the care and professionalism of physicians in delivering treatment. In addition to the physical pain, suffering can become emotional and psychological, health problems that drugs and medicines may not help cure. Therefore, I fully support the idea of holistic nursing, a practice that considers the patient as part of care planning (Garmy & Clausson, 2021). The person-centered approach makes sure that the care delivery is customized to meet the needs of the specific patients. I remained opposed to the standardized procedures that do not necessarily work with all patients. My philosophy of patient wellbeing is supported by the firm belief that holistic nursing is the key to achieving the main goals of nursing.

With this philosophy, I see nursing as a special opportunity to be a part of the solution to the many health issues facing the nation. In many cases, students perceive certain professions as means to pursue such personal goals as career development. However, I perceive nursing as more of a responsibility and a duty as opposed to a career. These views may raise the question of why I want to be a nurse. First, I believe there are huge gaps in the nursing profession that need to be filled urgently. A country should not be allowed to experience a shortage of essential workers, of which nurses are a part. The entire health system may not function adequately without enough nurses. Shortages of nurses may have hit the headlines in the recent past. Additionally, the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic illustrated why a shortage of nurses should be unacceptable. Therefore, nursing is a calling for me as I hope to become part of the healthcare system to help ease the burden on both the industry and patients.

Second, I have experienced health challenges in my family that have helped me make up my mind about becoming a nurse. The illness that was suffered by a relative was a long-term one, which made it costly. However, the real problem was that it was becoming increasingly difficult to access the services of a nurse as needed. I spent a long time helping the patient in different capacities. The experience I gained made me realize that nursing is more than just administering medication. It is also about the same time that I developed some values associated with the holistic approach to nursing, which I intend to pursue. Therefore, past experiences have played a critical role in informing this decision to become a nurse.

My nursing philosophy pushes me to choose a career that offers me both the opportunities and the responsibilities I need to implement my holistic approach. Therefore, I have chosen to become a registered nurse (RN), a position responsible for providing and coordinating patient care. Additionally, being a registered nurse means that I get to educate patients and the public regarding various health conditions. Advice and emotional support to patients and members of their families are also part of the responsibilities (Malvik, 2020). Registered nurses also begin working sooner than most medical professionals after attaining the relevant academic degree. Even though I am eager to become a registered nurse, I fully understand the scope and magnitude of the job, especially the ethical issues associated with the nursing practice.

Having decided to become a registered nurse, I can start seeing myself in 5 or 10 years from now. The current journey mostly involves pursuing a degree in nursing. I hope that I can attain the highest possible degree not only to help me secure a job but also to improve my skills and competencies. Within the next five years I can see myself already graduated and working as a registered nurse. I would like to be posted near my home location since I feel the need to help my community. I will have built the adequate experience to help me climb the corporate ladder and assume even more responsibilities.

In 10 years I will have attained a higher degree on top of the Bachelor’s, which will help me work in other capacities. I feel that the holistic approach should be implemented across all healthcare organizations and that the college curriculum should also be adjusted accordingly. In 10 years, will be able to work in a leadership capacity to help me implement this philosophy, as well as work closely with educators and training institutions in this regard. The journey to get there has already started with my education, and it will include working, gaining experiencing, pursuing higher degrees, and continuing working in the highest possible capacity.


In conclusion, I have established that my nursing philosophy is built on the premise that nurses are responsible for the overall wellbeing of the patients. This can be achieved when a holistic approach to nursing is used, which is also the core value and belief that I uphold. With the philosophy already established, I have set my mind to becoming a registered nurse, a career that will offer me the opportunities and responsibilities I desire. However, I plan to go beyond this position since I desire to have an even greater influence on the country’s nursing practice. Therefore, I see myself in 10 years as a leader in the nursing profession with my sphere of influence spreading to the education system.


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