Politics in Healthcare System in Film “Poor Kids”


The film in question deals with the problem of poverty in the USA. It is universally acknowledged that all Americans are representatives of middle class. However, reality is different and many families are facing numerous social and economic issues. The film focuses on the views of children who are also largely affected (Poor kids, 2012). It is clear that these families need assistance from the government. They receive certain aid from the government. The film shows particular programs in educational sphere. Nonetheless, the film raises loads of questions concerning the healthcare.

Healthcare Policies

Mason, Leavitt and Chaffee (2013) note that the Affordable Care Act is one of the most revolutionary policies that will be able to change the situation and help millions of struggling families. I agree that the act can significantly improve the situation. However, it is not enough. I believe each state has to address issues of poor Americans as they can differ from state to state. Children as well as their parents have to get access to high-quality healthcare services.

I also believe that nurses can play an important role in the development of these policies. Yoder-Wise (2014) notes that nurses have to be politically involved in the process. I agree with the author, as nurses are often the healthcare professionals who spend most time with these families. Nursing professionals can understand particular needs of these people and start developing efficient policies.

For instance, I paid attention to psychological issues of one of the mothers. She said that she was prescribed some medication that did not help. This can be one of possible direction to move in for nurses. They can start working on the development of the program providing such people counselling help. Importantly, these counselling services should be available in many cities and towns across each state. It is clear that poor Americans have to move quite often in their search for employment and cheaper rents. Hence, they should be able to attend meetings and get counselling services wherever they. These people should understand that there is certain support and that they are not let alone. More so, they should also get information about numerous available healthcare services. The families featured in the film seem to have no severe health issues. Nonetheless, there are many Americans who have health problems and cannot access healthcare services. Notably, many of these simply do not know that they are eligible to obtain free healthcare services (Yoder-Wise, 2014).


On balance, I would like to note that the film in question provides important insights into the life of Americans having severe financial issues. It shows that these families are at a loss and they often need governmental aid. This assistance is especially needed when it comes to high-quality healthcare services. One of most important issues to address is raising awareness among these people. They should know that they can have an access to various services. Of course, healthcare is only one aspect of their needs and it is essential to help them solve their major issue (unemployment, low salary and so on). Nonetheless, healthcare policies should also be in place until other strategies are under development. It is also important to add that nursing professionals should play an important role in the process of healthcare policies development as they face such people every day and know about their problems.

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