Mission, Vision, and Values Statements of Three Healthcare Organizations


Formally, AdventHealth was established in 1973, but it actually “traces its roots back to 1866 with a team of Seventh-day Adventist medical pioneers in Battle Creek, Michigan” (AdventHealth, 2021a, para. 3). Back then, almost all treatments were as painful and harmful as the illnesses themselves, but the hospital’s founders believed in the equal necessity of preventing and treating diseases. Their revolutionary approach was aimed at treating the body, healing the mind, and lifting the spirit. Nowadays, AdventHealth professionals treat their patients “as a creation of God, deserving of extraordinary whole-person care” (AdventHealth, 2021a, para. 3). Currently, this hospital is a national leader in patient satisfaction, quality, and safety.

The mission of AdventHealth is to extend the healing ministry of Christ and promote measuring health in terms of the whole person, including spirit, body, and mind. The hospital’s vision is based on providing wholistic care to help patients feel whole, deliver access to affordable care, and adapt innovative treatment plans to individuals’ needs (AdventHealth, 2021b). As for the core values of the company, they are quality and service excellence, community well-being, high ethical standards, stewardship, and inclusiveness.

Jackson Health System

The history of the Jackson Health System dates back to June 25, 1918, when the new Miami City Hospital began to provide care and support to the community. In 1920, a training school for nurses was organized, and on September 22, 1952, the first medical school in Florida, the University of Miami School of Medicine, opened with twenty-six students (Jackson Health System, 2021). Presently, Jackson Health System is a nonprofit academic medical system that provides high-quality care to all Miami-Dade County residents even if they are not able to pay.

The mission, vision, and values statements of this hospital are clear and short. The company’s mission is to “build the health of the community by providing a single, high standard of quality care for the residents of Miami-Dade County” (Jackson Health System, 2021, para. 1). The hospital’s vision is to be the provider of choice for quality care and become a world-class academic medical system recognized internationally and nationally. Finally, the values of the Jackson Health System include expertise, compassion, respect, and accountability.

The NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

The reason why this hospital was established over a century ago is truly inspiring. In 1909, when William Van Duzer Lawrence’s son fell ill with appendicitis and had difficulty being transported to a medical facility, his father decided to found an outstanding community hospital. After his son’s recovery, he “purchased the land and donated the funds to build Lawrence Hospital” (The NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, 2021a, para. 1). Nowadays, this is a 288-bed facility that offers help and professional care to its patients and also access to medical research, expertise, and programs.

Overall, this company has well-formulated statements of mission, vision, and values. First of all, according to its website, the hospital’s mission is to provide the patients with fiscally responsible, effective, caring, and high-quality healthcare services that meet the communities’ expectations and needs (The NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, 2021b). The hospital’s vision is to be the model for community hospitals, and it is supported by financial viability, facilities and technology, service excellence, and clinical quality. As for the company’s values, they guide how the employees care for the patients and act toward each other (The NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, 2021b). These values include respect, quality, integrity, and teamwork.

Comparison and Contrast

Based on the information provided on the hospitals’ websites, it is possible to compare and contrast the ideas, beliefs, missions, and values of the selected companies. First of all, it is interesting that AdventHealth and NewYork-Presbyterian provide specific ideas and reasons why their facilities were established decades ago, while Jackson Health System only lists historical events important to the company. Therefore, it seems like the latter was founded without any unique reason. Second, when contrasting the missions of the hospitals, the first one seeks to promote an uncommon approach to measuring health.

At the same time, the other two companies mention their need to support communities’ health and provide high-quality services. Additionally, the NewYork-Presbyterian states that they must also be fiscally responsible, effective, and caring. The visions of the three organizations are united by the concepts of affordability and quality, while AdventHealth also mentions innovativeness, and the other two hospitals want to be recognized by other healthcare providers. Finally, the values of the companies are almost entirely different, with the exception of respect and quality.

A Scholarly Assessment of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Statements

Overall, it is possible to say that the selected hospitals’ vision and values statements are rather strong and beneficial for the companies. According to Cronin and Bolon (2018), there are several words and connotations common to most hospitals’ statements, including quality, access, cost, and community benefit. Since these are the concepts essential for all patients, it is beneficial for healthcare providers to mention them. Further, Kirkpatrick notices that vision statements must be clear and understandable, focused on future and difficult goals, and easy to remember. It is hard to disagree that all selected companies adhered to these recommendations when formulating their visions.

Finally, mission statements should include eight components. They are target customers, geographic domain, principle services, expression of commitment to profitability, survival, and growth, core technologies, key elements in the philosophy, company self-concept, and public image (Alegre et al., 2018). Unfortunately, AdventHealth’s mission statement includes only several of them, and the Jackson Health System lacks all but the first three components. Finally, the NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital does not mention its core technologies and expression of commitment to profitability, survival, and growth. Therefore, though the statements have many strengths, they also have weaknesses and need to be improved.


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