Sam Walton, a Visionary Entrepreneur Biography Issues

Sam Walton (1918-1992) – the Walmart founder, talented entrepreneur, the son of farmers’ family, the king of retail.

Sam Walton made his way from a farming family through military service to his first steps in business. He liked working in retail, he went shopping only in order to get ideas for his future business.

Creativity and Ideas

  1. Purchasing directly from suppliers;
  2. Extending the store during holidays;
  3. Active discounts and sales;
  4. Soulful atmosphere and service;
  5. Creative approach in the assortment;
  6. Friendly attitude towards each customer;
  7. Opening stores in the small cities and towns;
  8. Control over all the shops.

Entrepreneur Personality Concepts

Helen Walton, Sam Walton’s wife, influenced one of the most important ideas of the entrepreneur – life in small towns, where Sam Walton installed amenities through his stores.


Sam Walton always listened to the advice of ordinary employees, who more than once gave him ideas for the development of his business.

Sam Walton has implemented many promising ideas that are used in retail to this day. In this way, he made the American Dream a reality, making himself a great fortune in public service.


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